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July 7, 2015


Coaña’s coastline is full of beaches separated by abrupt cliffs: Armazá, El Barco, Torbas, Aguillón, Collea, Pedrellada, Buxos, Figueira, Arnelles and Foxos.

The most important ones are: Arnelles, Foxos and Torbas which have vehicular access, car park and lifeguards in summer, from 1 July to 15 September.


Arnelles BeachArnelles is a sandy beach of about 150 m long and with an access road from the villages of Ortiguera and Foxos. There are a few steps on both sides of the beach after leaving the car park.


Foxos BeachIt is a small sandy beach located on the left bank of the mouth of Navia´s estuary. Its sand is golden and it is 110 m long approx. There is also a picnic area with places in the shade that invites us to relax and enjoy its natural surroundings. There is vehicular access to the beach after passing the village of Foxos.


Torbas BeachThis is an extremely beautiful pebble beach of almost 1 km. long.
Nowadays and due to a landslide, it is forbidden the access to the beach from the village of Loza. The only possible access is from the village of Cartavio, going through El Barco beach when it is low tide.

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